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So, you are a small-business owner.

Maybe a life coach, psychologist, or a yoga instructor.

Or maybe you want to sell digital and physical products online.

But you still don’t own a blog because you have no clue about what to do and where to start.

Of course, you know that blogging brings huge potential to your business. And everybody tells you to start a blog and connect your business with social media.

But at the end, you’re an entrepreneur with great ideas. Not a technique weirdo. (Besides the fact that you don’t have the time to jump into the world of blogging and all the technical stuff behind the scenes).

Busy small-business owners can’t afford to spend weeks learning how to manage a blog.

And every hour they spend trying to fix technical glitches sets their hair on fire.

That’s why they need someone who takes care about their online presence and social media.

This blog is for those people.

This blog is for you.

Hi, my name is Sven Moragues


Besides being a former sales trainer, I’ve made the Internet my living-room for around two decades already.

I started the classic online career as a solopreneur with a bunch of successful micro-niche blogs by using the possibilities of prehistoric social media communities to hook potential customers. And I did this at time when the word “blogging” didn’t even exist.

In 2010, I opened an online shop with my best friend. It quickly became one of the most popular German shops in its niche, pulling in over $2.6 million in revenue in just two years.

Today, I’m a WordPress Virtual Assistant, freelance writer, translator, Amazon best-selling author, and Facebook Consultant on the mission to help you to achieve your desires.

I learned my skills from some of the coolest kids in school such as Jon Morrow, Copyblogger Authority, James Chartrand and Steven Aitchison.

Now…Enough drivel about me. You are here because you want a solution for your problem, right?


If you already know what you need (for sure you didn’t land here by accident), you might find the solution in my services section.

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Talk soon,
Sven Moragues

P.S.: We can talk in English, Español or Deutsch.